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Pantry Pests

Insects most often encountered in stored food products are:

  • Indian meal moths
  • dermestid beetles
  • sawtoothed grain beetles
  • cigarette and drugstore beetles
  • flour beetles
  • granary, rice and maize weevils
  • bean weevils
  • spider beetles
  • fruit flies

Each of these pests behave in a different way.  The best control method is to find the source of the infestation and dispose of it. We also recommend cleaning and sealing any open food containers, to prevent them from being contaminated.  

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Indoor Pantry Pest Treatment

  • We offer a Free In-Home Evaluation to identify any Pest related issues in or around your home.  
  • If we find evidence, we will make treatment recommendations based on your situation.
  • We will provide you with a Prep Sheet with all the information you need prior to treatment.
  • After treatment we will leave you any additional information or recommendations to follow prior to treatment.
  • We will follow-up with you in 14-21 days after initial treatment to schedule your next service.

Give us a Call to inquire about any Commercial issues in your Business or Restaurant.  We can design a customized Maintenance program to prevent ongoing issues.

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