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Raccoons are a distinctively marked, stocky animal. They have a prominent black mask over their eyes and a heavily furred, ringed tail. Body fur color is a salt and pepper gray and black. Adults are about two to three feet in length, and weigh from 12 to 35 pounds.

Typically you can identify Raccoons by the disturbance they have created. Poultry kills with dead birds partially eaten, sweet corn patches stripped, garbage cans tipped over and strewn about. They also leave quite a mess if they find their way into your home or attic.

The most common complaints include the following:

Raccoons living in the attic or basement

Raccoons living in the chimney

Stealing pet food or bird seed

Sick and potentially rabid raccoon

Their presence is alarming to dogs

Raccoons have been known to carry a variety of diseases such as:

Lyme Disease- Bacteria spread by ticks that raccoons carry

Leptospirosis- Bacteria spread to humans and pets from contact with urine or feces

Rabies- Virus spread by biting or scratching

Roundworm- Parasite creating neurological problems, blindness, and death in humans.

Distemper- Virus that can affect dogs

Fleas- Insects infesting cats and dogs

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