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Squirrels are abundant in the wild because their population far exceeds that of their predators. The large population and decreasing natural habitat cause them to seek shelter in houses and on people’s property. The chilly months of fall and winter cause squirrels to seek the warmth that is found in attics. This is what classifies squirrels as pests in most cases.

The most common complaints include the following:

Squirrels living in the attic

Squirrels living in the chimney

Squirrels chewing on woodwork

Squirrels stealing bird seed

Loose squirrel stuck inside home

In these cases, these nuisance animals need to be trapped and removed.

Red Squirrels, Fox Squirrels, and Flying Squirrels are the main species that homeowners want removed. Not only can they be a nuisance from the noises in walls and attics, they can also be a structural and health hazard for pets and homeowners.

Squirrels are known to damage wood on the exterior of homes. They also gnaw at electrical wiring within homes, garages and barns creating a potential fire hazard. Squirrels do not carry fleas but have been known to carry a variety of diseases such as:

Lyme Disease- Bacteria spread by ticks that squirrels carry

Leptospirosis- Bacteria spread to humans and pets from contact with urine or feces

Rabies- Although rare on occurrence- Virus spread by biting or scratching

Tapeworms- Parasite Infecting dogs

We offer a free home evaluation to determine the individual needs at your property. This may include trapping, removal and exclusion. Each situation is unique and the treatment plan is customized to fit your needs and budget.

Our experienced staff inspect areas as needed. This may include: foundations, decks, attics, siding, chimney, soffits, corner beads, garage doors, basement windows, crawlspaces, vents, or pipes and wiring entering your home. This depends on the time of year and scope of your issue.

If you are dealing with a squirrel issue please call us today to set up a free assessment 269-993-0051.

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