The mosquitoes are terrible

mosquito service

What’s Bugging You?

Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying; they can be deadly!
Let’s meet Maria Sorrentino, Corey Dean, John Mazurek and Brian Snyder. They are the Founders of Pest Pros and they have 10 years of experience handling every kind of pest!
This team wanted to wake up every morning enthusiastic to put their 10 years in pest control to good use. They have acquired a wide variety of certifications from Dept of Agriculture and the necessary equipment to treat any kind of pest including fleas, ticks, rodents, etc. But this year, they got certified and purchased top of the line equipment specifically for complete Mosquito control! Good timing too. This is one of the worst years of mosquito infestation in our area. Pest Pros has the equipment to repel and kill adult mosquitoes; but the key is to keep them away. Their pesticides include an insect growth regulator that targets mosquito larvae, stops it from maturing AND from reproducing. All of Pest Pros work is guaranteed and their prices are a fraction of what some competitors charge!

Call Maria TODAY 269-993-0051 for a FREE estimate or consultation.

At Pest Pros, no matter what it is, they know how to treat What’s Bugging You!

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